DIY Invitation/Card Making Advice & Tips

These tips for making your own wedding invitations are intended for those making cards for the first time. They'll help you on your way so your creative adventure is as easy as possible.

*                          Give yourself plenty of time. Making 50 or so wedding invitations is going to take a lot of your spare time. Don’t forget you need to post your invites at least 8 weeks before the big day, so start thinking about your invites a further 8 weeks before that! This should be enough time.
*                          Choose a simple design. Remember, you’ll have to recreate it 50 or so times. Complicated designs may leave you frustrated if each card takes an hour or so to create.
*                          Practice makes perfect. Try out your design several times before you start the real thing. Doing this will be quicker in the long run and stop you making mistakes on the ‘real’ thing.
*                          Get someone to review your finished work. A second pair of eyes will help you finesse your design.
*                          Get your partner to help out. They can cut, glue or insert. Many hands make light work and you’ll be glad of the help.
*                          Use pre-made cards for card making. Chose from the large selection available in the pre-cut card category on this site. They come in all sizes and styles and they come with a pre-scored fold. All you need to is fold them once you’ve finished decorating them. They’re much easier and simpler then cutting your own card and will give you a professional finish.
*                          If you want to make your own invitations cards from the selection of speciality papers and cards available then the Precision creaser and creasing tool is a must to give you the professional finish you require.
*                          Print out your wedding invitation inserts on a printer. You only need to print out one copy, then get the rest copied at your local copy shop. It’ll save you money, time and ink. Your print shop can then cut them to the correct size quickly
*                          Try using ribbon or other simple embellishments to add a finishing touch your to designs.